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Tasmania’s Salmon Industry Boosts Local Business: Spotlight on EPS Boxes

By October 5, 2023April 19th, 2024Media1 min read

Media Release by Salmon Tasmania | 3rd October 2023

Tasmania’s rise in the global Atlantic salmon market, with exports set to surpass $1 billion, is not just a win for the seafood sector. It’s driving growth for local businesses like Polyfoam, a key manufacturer of EPS fish boxes essential for transporting our premium salmon.

With the salmon industry’s boom, Polyfoam is experiencing unprecedented demand. The family-owned Australian business is gearing up to double its capacity with the upcoming launch of a state-of-the-art $10 million facility in Westbury. This expansion is set to create more regional jobs and further support the aquaculture sector.

Nick Tandy, Polyfoam’s General Manager, emphasizes the symbiotic relationship, stating, “Without the aquaculture sector, our business wouldn’t exist in Tasmania. We’ve grown alongside the sector since our first facility in the 1980s. Without aquaculture, we wouldn’t manufacture here or employ Tasmanians.”

While Tasmania challenges global producers like Norway and Chile, it’s essential to spotlight the local businesses like Polyfoam that play a pivotal role in this success story. Their EPS boxes ensure our salmon reaches 21 countries in prime condition, reinforcing Tasmania’s reputation for high-quality, fresh produce.

China, capturing 66.5% of the market share, along with countries like Japan and the USA, rely on these boxes to receive Tasmania’s finest Atlantic salmon.

Read the full media release here.