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July 2024

By July 10, 2024Newsletters2 min read

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Newsletter Highlights:


  • EPSA at INC-4:
    – Key outcomes from the fourth session of the UN Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on global plastic pollution.
    – Insights into production bans, extended producer responsibility, and chemicals of concern.
  • Global Expanded Sustainability Alliance:
    – Recognition of EPS as recyclable in practice and at scale by the United Nations Environment Program.
    – Efforts to counter misinformation and promote EPS recycling worldwide.
  • Styrocycle Network Growth:
    – Expansion of the Styrocycle recycling initiative across the eastern seaboard.
    – Plans to extend the network to Northern Tasmania and Western Australia.
    – Education efforts through the Styrocycle website and social media.
  • New Website for EPS Waffle Pods:
    – Launch of a new website dedicated to the benefits of EPS waffle pods.
    – Addressing misconceptions about alternative void fill products.
    – Promoting the cost-effectiveness, recyclability, and thermal efficiency of EPS waffle pods.
  • Product Stewardship Developments:
    – Monitoring the Australian Packaging Covenant’s product stewardship strategy for EPS.
    – Acknowledgment of EPS’s vital role in transporting white goods.
  • EPS in the News:
    – Cyclonic testing success for EPS core structural panels in Darwin.
    – Enhanced durability and resilience of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) with EPS cores.
  • EPS Industry Win in UN Plastics Treaty Talks:
    – Recognition of EPS transport packaging as successfully recycled “in practice, at scale.”
    – Potential exemption of EPS from being listed as a problematic plastic application.
  • Case Study: EPS vs. Cardboard Coolers:
    – Comparative life cycle analysis of EPS coolers and cardboard coolers.
    – Findings on the environmental footprint and emissions of both types of boxes.