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Please see below checklist to help recycle polystyrene offcuts:

  • As a customer of an EPSA member, you should have been provided with the EPSA Recycle Bags so your polystyrene off-cuts can be picked up and put it back into manufacturing sustainable building materials.
  • Clean Polystyrene Only. There must be no trace of glue, paint, labels, render or cement on the polystyrene. All polystyrene must be free from contamination to be recycled.
  • Do not place other building materials and site rubbish within these bags.
  • Once the bags are full, they need to be fully sealed, tied down and secured at the front of the building site.
  • Contact your supplier (EPSA member) when recycle bags with off-cuts are read to be picked up.

Please ensure these steps are strictly followed – we will not be able to collect polystyrene that is contaminated.

Thanks for partnering with us to divert polystyrene from landfill and contribute to the recycled content of future products.

Check out the below video about this process: