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Our Organisation

The EPSA Organisation is formed around 4 sector groups representative of the EPS industry in Australia – Block, Packaging, Pod and Raw Materials.

The EPSA Board provides leadership on a range of strategically important issues and ensures that the activities of EPSA are directed to those areas and services that provide greatest value to members.

EPSA Org Chart

EPSA Block

The EPSA Block Group represents the majority of Australian manufacturers of block moulded EPS, which is used in a myriad of building and construction applications. Large blocks of EPS are cut, shaped and/or bonded to create many products, such as sandwich panels for insulation, exterior insulation & finishing systems (EIFS), geofoam to support major roadways, flotation for pontoons and marinas and many other creative options.

EPSA Block members work together to protect and enhance the reputation of expanded polystyrene, as an economical, versatile, and thermally efficient building product.

The Block Group has supported the former EPSA Panel Group (now the Insulated Panel Council of Australasia, IPCA) in recent years to promote the integrity of the Insulated Sandwich Panel (ISP) industry. One of the key achievements has been the development of a comprehensive Industry Code of Practice for the manufacture and installation of EPS Panel Systems.

More recently the Block Group has supported the establishment of an Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) industry group. The major activities of this group include developing standards and a code of practice for the employment of EPS as a barrier cladding system for domestic housing.

EPSA Packaging

The EPSA Packaging Group was formed in 1992 when the manufacturers of EPS produce boxes identified a significant opportunity to provide a collection and recycling system for EPS products at end-of-life. The group represents manufacturers of EPS packaging products which include produce boxes for the transport of fruit, vegetables and seafood, protective packaging for electrical and electronic goods, cooler boxes for medical/pharmaceutical logistics as well as other general packaging applications.

The group established a National Collection Network to drive the collection and recycling of EPS material. Collection Centres are now located in most major capital cities across Australia. These sites readily accept all types of EPS material from both packaging and construction applications for recycling.

The National Collection Network has been funded through a voluntary Waste Minimisation Levy Program supported by EPSA Packaging members. These funds have enabled equipment to be purchased for EPS recycling and supported the operation of the EPS Collection Centres to provide environmentally responsible outlets for all end users to have their waste EPS produce boxes recycled.

In addition to the above product stewardship initiative, all EPSA Packaging members are signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Click on the following to view the EPSA Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan 2011-2015.

More recently the key focus for EPSA Packaging has been the eco`6 Project, an initiative to reposition EPS packaging and create greater awareness regarding the environmental benefits of EPS.


The EPSA Pod Group represents manufacturers of under slab void filler pods used in the construction of both domestic and commercial buildings. A key area of work for this group has been addressing the issues around litter, in particular the propensity of EPS pod off cuts from building sites to enter the litter stream.

The group has developed an Industry Code of Practice which outlines the responsible use of EPS Pods on building sites – from distribution through to clean up and collection of EPS scrap off cuts. This document has been well received by local councils and from within the building sector. Work continues to promote this initiative through events such as the Clean Site workshops run by Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria.

The group has also introduced a uniform scrap bag system for its members to assist with EPS separation on building sites. Used in conjunction with the established Industry Code of Practice document, this product stewardship program not only addresses the litter problem but also enables EPS scrap off cuts to be recycled by Pod manufacturers.

For further information about the EPSA Board and Executive please click on the link to the left.