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Member Bio's

We are the national industry body for all manufacturers and distributors of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products across Australia

Introducing EPSA Board and Executive Members.

Simon Pickett

EPSA Role: President

Simon was elected President of EPSA in June 2012 and has previously served as Chairman of the Packaging Group.
Simon is the CEO and Executive Director of the Polyfoam Australia Group. Polyfoam’s core business is manufacturing expanded polystyrene packaging for produce, seafood, medical, food and transport industries and many specialty packaging and insulating products.

Scott Lehn

EPSA Role: Chairman – Block Group

Scott has been the general manager of NRG Building System, an EPS Manufacturing company that specialises in insulated wall panels, with production plants based in QLD, NSW & VIC.
Scott has been employed with NRG for 18 years and has 31 years experience in the Building Construction Industry .
Scott is currently on the Standards Australia technical committee for EIFS standard.

Justin Kelsey

EPSA Role: Independent Board Member

Justin is the immediate past Treasurer of EPSA and Chair of the Pod Group. Prior to his appointment, Justin has worked in many areas of the EPS industry, from marketing and sales to managerial roles.
Justin is currently the General Manager of Foamex Group’s Victorian and South Australian locations. Foamex is a manufacturer of sustainable building products made from expanded polystyrene and is the sole Australian manufacturer of extruded polystyrene products.

Nigel Ash

EPSA Role: Vice President

Nigel has held the role of EPSA Vice President since July 2009. He became Managing Director of Loyal-Expanz in 2019 after Expanz International and Polymac were acquired by Loyal Group. Nigel has a Chem Eng training and worked in the plastics and petrochem industry for Monsanto, Chemplex and Huntsman supporting business and customer relationships around Australia and New Zealand.

Jay Potter

EPSA Role: Chairman – Pod Group

Jay brings a wealth of experience to the role of Pod Chair, as Managing Director at Polystar Pty Ltd. Polystar manufacture and supply waffle pod products & accessories throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales, and committed to processing all waffle pod waste which is collected and recycled into new products.

Jamie Noyes

EPSA Role: Independent Board Member

Jamie is the Queensland Manager at National Polystyrene Systems, with decades of experience in the expanded polystyrene industry. NPS is a manufacturer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products used within building, construction, civil engineering and various other projects requiring insulation, cladding, void forming, flotation and light weight fill solutions.

Becher Townshend

EPSA Role: Executive Director/Public Officer

Becher Townshend is the Managing Director of Font and he draws together nearly two decades as an award winning state political reporter and public relations professional.
He has been recognised by his peers winning Media Entertainment and the Arts (MEAA) Awards for Excellence in Business and Tourism Reporting as well as Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) awards for his crisis management and campaigning skills.

Graham Attwood

EPSA Role: Independent Board Member

Graham Attwood is the Commercial Director of Loyal-Expanz International Pty Ltd, a major supplier of EPS resin to Australia and New Zealand.
Graham has been an active member of EPSA (and formerly REPSA) since 2001 serving as an industry representative, President and as an industry consultant to EPSA.
Graham has a chemical engineering background with 40 years experience in the chemicals and plastics industry in Australia and overseas including Great Lakes chemicals, ICI, Orica, Pacific BBA , Huntsman, RMAX, Andpak and Loyal Expanz International including technical, operational, commercial and business roles. He has 23 years’ experience specifically associated with EPS from resin manufacture, moulding operations and commercial business management.