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Find resources, articles about EPS in the news and also access downloadable EPS related information from around the globe.

– EPSA Processes

POD Code of Practice

A commitment to the distribution and clean up responsibilities by EPSA registered POD manufacturers

Exterior Insulation & Finish System

Exterior Insulation & Finish System (EIFS) – The supply, installing and recycling of EPS cladding systems

– General EPSA Resources

How EPS is Made

Discover how EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is made

The Circular Economy

The circular economy of expanded polystyrene packaging

Export Densified Foamed Polystyrene

Model specification for a standard description of export densified EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam

– Global Industry Reports

Storage of Vegetable Products

Download report on storage of vegetable products
in expanded polystyrene packages

Circular Economy for EPS Packaging

Download a copy of Circular Economy for EPS Packaging PDF

EPS Cold Chain Solutions

Download a copy of EPS Cold Chain Solutions PDF

EPS Recycling Advancements & Technology Innovations

Download a copy of Properties Performance Design PDF

– Case Studies

Electrolux's Sustainable Packaging Initiative

Download a copy of this case study which examines the obstacles encountered when attempting to phase out protective EPS packaging