Polystyrene Recycling Queensland has been operating as the industry appointed Queensland EPS Collection Centre for the past decade.  The Acacia Ridge facility currently recycles over 300 tonnes of EPS each year, making it a market leader in the EPS recycling industry.

Originally established to service the Brisbane Wholesale Markets, Polystyrene Recycling Queensland has expanded its operations beyond the collection and recycling of EPS produce boxes alone and now accepts EPS scrap material from all end users.

Owner/Director Leo Sines is passionate about EPS recycling and works tirelessly to promote the benefits and recyclability of EPS products and applications.

In late 2006, Polystyrene Recycling Queensland pioneered a trial program with funding support from the Redland Shire Council and Queensland Government EPA to collect EPS scrap from local businesses (in particular white goods retailer The Good Guys – Capalaba Store) and residents (through a collection cage located at the Shire Waste Transfer Station).  The success of the 3 month trial has resulted in a permanent ongoing collection program for EPS within the Redland Shire.

In 2008, Polystyrene Recycling Queensland in partnership with the Queensland Government EcoBiz program developed a prototype small scale granulating machine designed to provide businesses a means to assist with back-of-store handling of their EPS scrap.  There are now 5 of these small scale granulators in operation servicing the greater Brisbane area, Toowoomba and also Tweed Heads (northern NSW).   The significant volume reduction achieved with these machines enables EPS scrap to be collected and recycled in a much more economically viable manner.

Polystyrene Recycling Queensland offers both a collection service (for end users with large volumes of EPS scrap) and a drop-off service (during business hours only).  Please note that service fees may be apply – for more information please contact Polystyrene Recycling Queensland directly at the details listed below.

Contact details:

105 Colebard Street West, Acacia Ridge Qld 4110

Phone: (07) 3277 9999

Website: www.polyrecycleqld.com.au