Asper Box

The Asper Box is a multipurpose EPS box that has been specifically designed to integrate easily into existing packaging systems.



It is stackable and cross-stackable with returnable plastic crates (RPCs) and has an appealing design for shelf display. It is fully customisable, allowing for varying heights, lidded or unlidded, vented or unvented varieties. The Asper Box can be printed on to allow for marketing and display needs as well as featuring an integrated label holder.



Designed to prolong freshness, the Asper Box is thermally insulated and protects contents from sudden changes in temperature. It’s capable of holding ice, which reduces the energy needed to maintain low temperatures. Strength and durability is completely retained even on direct contact with water, allowing hydro-cooling to be an efficient means of preservation. Due to its lightweight design up to 15% can be saved on transportation costs. The Asper Box is a single-use product, removing the danger of cross-contamination and ensures cleaner deliveries and storage.



The Asper Box is 100% recyclable and provides a more gentle method of transportation resulting in minimal bruising or damage, meaning less produce wastage.



The Asper Box was commissioned by EPSA and designed in conjunction with members, for use by its members. For further information on the Asper Box, or to request the design license, please contact EPSA at or by calling us on (03) 6281 2320.

The Asper Box has:

  • Low purchase cost
  • No assembly cost
  • No cleaning cost
  • Insulation capacity
  • Safe stack design (interlocking with current plastic packaging)
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Leak proof design for OH&S concerns
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Low environmental impact