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For over a decade expanded polystyrene Pods have been improving the construction of domestic housing slabs, making them safer and cost effective.

EPS Pods have contributed to a revolution in slab construction methods. Enabling stronger better-engineered slabs to be constructed faster and cost effectively over traditional methods. Much of the back-breaking manual work associated with traditional concreting of house slabs has been eliminated.

EPS pods are unaffected by water. They are safer as there are no trenches to cave in during construction or in rainy weather. Not only does this save time and work in restoring the trenches it eliminates the uncertainty of maintaining the correct beam widths and thicknesses. It also removes the uncertainty of completion time due to wet weather.

The inclusion of EPS Pods in a slab adds an insulation benefit up to R 1.0 (w/mK thermal resistance). This benefit reduces energy consumption in the house and when multiplied by the many houses that have used them has a significant effect on reducing greenhouse gas emissions thus making a very positive contribution to the environment.

Code of Practice

Our Airpop Pod Code of Practice can be found here. This demonstrates our commitment to distribution and clean up responsibilities by EPSA registered Pod moulders. When you purchase Pods from EPSA members, you can be assured at all times that they will act in accordance with this Code of Practice.

Production of Expanded Polystyrene Pods

Installation and use of Expanded Polystyrene Pods