Block moulded EPS has a myriad of uses – from geofoam supporting major roadways to intricate architectural moldings.

Large blocks of EPS (typically 5000 x 1200 x 600 mm) are cut, shaped or bonded to provide the following products and applications:

  • insulation for cold storage buildings
  • insulated rendered wall systems
  • geofoam - lightweight fill used in civil engineering applications such as roadways and bridge on/off ramps
  • lightweight cores for bridge beam construction
  • floatation for pontoons and marinas
  • insulation for wine tanks and pipe work
  • insulation for buildings with or without reflective foil facings
  • theming for movie sets and amusement parks
  • insulated concrete form-work (ICFs) for buildings (cut from block or custom molded)
  • decorative architectural moldings for building applications
  • floatation for boats, jet-skis and surfboards