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Expanded Polystyrene Australia

Expanded Polystyrene Australia is the national industry body for all manufacturers and distributors of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products across Australia


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has been a material of choice for over half a century because of its technical versatility, performance and cost effectiveness. It is widely used in many everyday applications where its light weight, strength, durability, thermal insulation and shock absorption characteristics provide economic, high performance products.
EPS embodies the principles of the circular economy by enabling the creation of economically viable and high-performance products, while also promoting resource efficiency and sustainability.


EPS is used in many building and construction situations. Its light weight, strength, and thermal characteristics provide cost-effective high-performance solutions.


The manufacture of EPS uses less than 0.1% of global crude oil as a feedstock however it can deliver up to 200 times its own resource in thermal energy savings.


EPS is recyclable at many stages of its life cycle. During production, all manufacturing waste can be fully reprocessed back into the production mix for new EPS products.


Expanded Polystyrene makes an ideal choice as a packaging medium due to its light weight, shock absorbency, and thermal insulation.

The Versatile and Cost-Effective Material: EPS for Everyday Applications

Lightweight Wonder

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construction that gives EPS its remarkable characteristics. Its lightweight helps reduce the overall weight of packaging and transportation materials, which translates to lower fuel consumption and emissions during transportation, contributing to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Discover the Versatility

EPS is produced in a wide range of densities providing a varying range of physical properties. These are matched to the various applications where the material is used to optimise its performance and strength.

  • Building & Construction – for insulation, slab construction, cladding and void fill (geofoam).
  • Packaging – for electronics and cold chain logistics for fish, fresh fruit & vegetables, meal delivery services and pharmaceuticals.
  • Safety – as critical components within child seats and bike helmets.
  • Horticulture – for plant trays, seedling containers, and insulation for greenhouses.

Sustainable EPS Solutions

EPS brings considerable energy and resource-saving benefits making it a smart and sustainable choice for both packaging and building/construction applications.

The manufacture of EPS uses less than 0.1% of global crude oil as a feedstock however it can deliver up to 200 times its own resource in thermal energy savings.

Smart EPS Solutions.

Below is a video from our colleagues at EUMEPS about how we can use EPS smartly in a way that protects the environment and enhances our lives

Expanded Polystyrene Explainer Video

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