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EPSA’s response to The Good Guys issue:

Subject:  Staff evacuated from The Good Guys, Ipswich, Queensland, having been overcome by fumes.

Reported: October 22nd 2016.

Assumption:  The Fire Brigade incorrectly assumed that the fumes were emitted from expanded polystyrene packaging.

Outcome:  The source of the fumes was found to be a burnt-out motor on the air conditioning system.

Statement:  Properly cured expanded polystyrene is totally inert.

Emergency services were called to The Good Guys store at Ipswich, Queensland, when staff complained of being overcome by fumes.

Two people were hospitalised. The Scientific Unit attended to trace the cause of the problem.  The QFE representative reported they had narrowed the cause down to “…polystyrene gassing off.”

This was a misinformed comment.

Upon checking later with The Good Guys management, we were advised it had nothing to do with the polystyrene packaging which had been part of their storage process for nine years.

The cause was traced to a burnt-out motor in their air conditioning system.

The smoke from the motor had filtered through their storage area affecting staff and product in said area.

Properly cured expanded polystyrene is totally inert.


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