EPSA Members

  • Andpak


    AndPak is an Australian owned and operated company based in Irymple, near Mildura in the Sunraysia region of Victoria.
    Established in 1988, Andpak is a regional manufacturer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products for packaging and building applications. These products range from packaging for fresh produce, seafood and wine, through to exterior wall cladding systems and waffle pods for use in building applications. AndPak also offers custom packaging solutions through its profile cutting service.
    Andpak also trades under the name Flexifoam with a manufacturing base in Toowoomba, Qld. Flexifoam manufactures packaging for fresh produce and seafood servicing the Toowoomba regional centre including the Lockyer and Fassifern valleys and Stanthorpe area .
    Flexifoam also produces waffle pods for use in building applications

    Website: http://www.andpak.net.au

  • Claw Environmental

    Claw Environmental

    Founded in 2003, Claw Environmental provides a recycling solution for the end users of all plastic polymer types in Perth, Western Australia. In late 2004, Claw Environmental was appointed EPS Collection Centre for Western Australia by the EPSA.

    All EPS material collected and recycled at the site is exported and used in the manufacture of new end products such as synthetic timber for use in picture frames and architrave features, stationery products as well as plant pots and coat hangers.

    Claw Environmental offers both a collection service (for end users with large volumes of EPS scrap) and a drop-off service (during business hours only). Please note that service fees may be apply – for more information please contact Claw Environmental directly

    Website: http://www.clawenvironmental.com/

  • Foamex


    Foamex is recognised as a national industry leader in the development of new and innovative uses for expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene for commercial and residential purposes.

    An Australian owned and operated company, Foamex has branches across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. Foamex has been supplying polystyrene products to the Australian market since 1982 and has built strong relationships with builders, engineers, architects, designers, and specifiers all across the country.

    Foamex has been supplying customers with the utmost professionalism and believes that those 30 years of excellent customer service and product production speaks for itself.

    Website: http://www.foamex.com.au

  • Greenwheel Recycling

    Greenwheel Recycling

    Who are we? We are Greenwheel Recycling, Victoria's Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) recycler. We are committed to the diversion of EPS from landfill in Victoria. Our EPS recycling and drop off facility is located 12km west of the Melbourne CBD with access from major arterial roads, making it easy for both commercial and domestic customers. Greenwheel Recycling offers a closed-loop recycling network to ensure that EPS is recycled into new products.

    Comercial customers as well as members of the general public are welcome to drop off EPS that is free of contamination and separated from Monday to Friday free of charge. We also accept cardboard and clear stretch wrap and a collection service can be arranged. For domestic customers, please email info@greenwheel.com.au to book a drop off appointment time.

    Website: http://greenwheel.com.au/

  • Hunter Pods

    Hunter Pods

    Hunter Pods Pty Ltd, Based in Thornton, is a leader in the manufacture and supply of polystyrene pods used in the Building and Constructions Industry.

    Website: http://www.hunterpods.com.au/

  • Independent Pods

    Independent Pods

    Independent Pods are the only specialised waffle pod manufacturer in Geelong

    We supply Direct to builders, on sellers and concreters large and small. Our service areas include but are not limited to, Greater Geelong, The Bellarine, Werribee, Western country Victoria including Warrnambool Hamilton and Ballarat and districts. We have credit card facilities at our office for customers to come and purchase direct.

    Recycling: All clean EPS may be dropped off at our factory at the rear of 77 Tucker Street, Breakwater, for free. If large amounts need to be picked up please call to discuss.

    P: 03 5229 8790 E:sales@independentpods.com.au

  • Insulfoam


    Insulfoam are an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of high quality expanded Polystyrene Products (EPS).
    Insulfoam established in 2018 and specialises in the manufacturing of Large EPS blocks. The blocks are transformed into EPS shapes, profiles, sheets and insulation products. Insulfoam is a toll manufacturer to the building and insulation industry.

    Website: https://www.insulfoam.com.au/

  • Loyal-Expanz International

    Loyal-Expanz International

    Loyal-Expanz is a Specialist import agent for supply of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) raw materials, in operation since 1994, with current owners since early 2007.
    We offer the widest range of EPS raw materials and support raw material sales through our specialist team of EPS experts who have unrivalled technical knowledge of EPS manufacture and processing within the Australia and NZ markets. We support our raw material sales by offering EPS finished product testing services, equipment/process know-how & training and via our sister company Polymac we offer a wide range of equipment options for EPS processing, from prefoaming to moulding, tooling, hot wire cutting, turnkey facilities and recycling solutions for in-house as well as waste foam densification solutions. Loyal-Expanz supports the EPS industry Association (EPSA) through Board membership.

    Website: http://www.expanz.com.au

  • Norfoam


    Norfoam has been supplying North Queensland with quality polystyrene products since 1987.
    Norfoam is the major supplier of insulated expanded polystyrene (EPS) products in North Queensland with offices in Townsville and Innisfail.
    Our Townsville branch create, design, develop, construct, supply, and install insulated panels for a diverse range of domestic, commercial, architectural and cold storage needs. While our Innisfail branch produce a wide range of polystyrene packaging and waffle pods for construction.

    Website: http://www.norfoam.com.au

  • National Polystyrene Systems

    National Polystyrene Systems

    NPS are an Australian manufacturer of high quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, with two offices in Queensland and Victoria.
    NPS manufacture EPS materials for building, construction, civil engineering and various other projects requiring insulation, cladding, void forming, flotation and light weight fill solutions. They have a strong commitment to the establishment of recycling initiatives.

    Website: http://www.nationalpolystyrene.com.au

  • NRG Building Systems

    NRG Building Systems

    NRG Building Systems is Australia's fastest growing manufacturer of Expanded polystyrene (EPS) products used throughout today's ever-expanding Building and Construction Industry. NRG Building Systems, Australian owned and manufactured, is the market leader in Polystyrene products with 18 years’ experience which has catered industry consumers with superior products not comparable to any other company. With production plants based in QLD, NSW, and VIC, NRG Building Systems has 60+ distributors nationwide which make our products easily accessible. NRG Building Systems core product is the NRG Greenboard™, which is a CodeMark Accredited, BAL 29 Rated Walling System that is energy efficient, cost-effective and has a vast amount of properties that surpass any other external cladding on the market.

    Website: https://www.nrggreenboard.com/

  • Pod Slab Sales

    Pod Slab Sales

    With a background in Carpentry, Building, Building Supplies, Reinforcement and Concreting – Jason Roberts has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the building and construction industry.

    Pod Slab Sales commenced in February 2010 and manufactures Australia’s finest Waffle Pods from its Modern Factory in Prestons near Liverpool in Sydney.

    At Pod Slab Sales Jason and the team understand that the needs of the customer are paramount – and work with you to ensure the more effective solution for your project.

    Website: https://www.podslabsales.com.au/

  • Polyfoam


    Polyfoam Australia P/L is based in Melbourne, Victoria, specialising in the manufacturing of EPS packaging for produce and specialty products.
    Polyfoam was established in 1986 by Mr Bruce Pickett and the company continues to be Australian family owned and operated.
    The Polyfoam Group also operates facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Hobart with joint venture operations in Adelaide.

    Website: http://www.polyfoam.com.au

  • Polystyrene Industries

    Polystyrene Industries

    Polystyrene Industries is based in Western Australia, and are specialist manufacturers of high quality EPS products for building, commercial and custom mould requirements.
    Polystyrene Industries is a fully owned subsidiary of Joyce Foam Products, offering cost effective and practical applications for architectural, landscape and other building requirements and also have an advanced computer cutting facility tailored for specific EPS needs.

    Website: http://polystyreneindustries.com.au

  • Polystyrene Solutions

    Polystyrene Solutions

    Polystyrene Solutions – Innovators in Polystyrene Thermal Reforming a ground breaking IP patented recycling process.

    Gold Coast based small business Est 1999. We are the industry leaders through innovation for EPS upcycling
    and implementing EPS circular economy in our business “Sustainable Polystyrene”. Our core business is Themed Fabrications, Stage Props, events and specialised voids and formwork. With over 37 years of industry experience covering all levels of Polystyrene Manufacturing and Product Development.

    Website: https://www.polystyrenesolutions.com.au/

  • Polystar


    Polystar is a privately owned Australian company established in 2001. Polystar manufacture and supply waffle pod products & accessories throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We have a reputation for quality products, personalised customer service, technical knowledge and expertise gained from 30 + years of experience within the Polystyrene manufacturing and building industry sectors.

    We are an environmentally responsible manufacturer committed to processing all our waffle pod waste which is collected and returned to our recycling facility into new products. Polystar actively source and process all forms of EPS waste as an ongoing commitment to the environment.

    Website: https://www.polystar.net.au/

  • Redox


    Redox was established in 1965 with over 50 years’ experience as a leading chemical and Plastics distributor. We are active in more than 1000 specialty and commodity products including EPS. We import only the best quality materials to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United States of America. With our innovative systems, extensive logistics network, peerless industry experts, personalised customer service and broad product portfolio Redox is dynamic and entrepreneurial. We look for long term partnerships with customers and suppliers where shared values and common goals align for mutual benefit.
    Through our dedicated team of plastic and foam specialists, we deliver real value and a fresh approach to meeting our customer’s needs in a dynamic market. Redox are principals within the plastics and foam markets, active in both General Purpose EPS and HBCD Free Flame Retardant EPS. Our principals are leaders in their respective products, allowing us to deliver the widest range of quality materials at competitive prices. Redox also has warehousing in most states and can offer warehousing of EPS if required.

    Website: https://redox.com/

  • Sanwa


    Sanwa was founded in 1971 by three partners in Sydney Australia, and since 1978 it has been 100 per cent Australian owned. The word Sanwa is a combination of the two Japanese words san and wa which translates to “stability and harmony between partners”. We have diversified our trading portfolio over more than 40 years of continued growth, and we now trade agricultural, metal and polymer goods.

    Website: http://sanwa.com.au/

  • Thermaloc


    Thermaloc is part of the Weeks group of companies and is South Australian owned, run and operated.
    Thermaloc is a structural building system that combines the strength of Supaloc steel framing with the outstanding thermal properties of rigid cellular insulation.
    Thermaloc’s rigid cellular insulation provides outstanding thermal qualities. In plain terms, this means you will need substantially less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your Thermaloc home.
    Alternative insulation methods cannot achieve the quality or consistency that is made possible by the Thermaloc pre-insulated technology.
    Thermaloc is the future of building.

    Website: http://thermaloc.com.au

  • Unipod


    Unipod is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturing and recycling company that supplies Geofoam, waffle pods, under-slab insulation and EPS block/panel to the building and civil engineering sectors in Victoria, Australia.

    They use the most technologically advanced machinery and are well-recognised as specialists in moulded polystyrene. There high-quality products, flexible delivery, and responsive communication with customers created demand for Unipod to expand their product offering to a variety of moulded polystyrene systems, products, and accessories for the civil construction and building sectors.

    Unipod is currently implementing Foam Hub- a on line portal allowing EPS customers an un-paralleled view of their order status and history, product quality including traceability back to the raw material Unipod uses to make these products. Unipod is working to ensure customers can have confidence that the product they are buying is exactly what they ordering and meets all the quality requirements they need

    Website: https://www.unipod.com.au/

  • Valls Styrene

    Valls Styrene

    Starting off in 1983 brothers Frank and Tony Vallelonga serviced the Riverland area in South Australia as agents supplying EPS packaging to the fruit growers.
    In 1988 manufacturing machinery was purchased and an EPS factory was built in Berri, leading the family business to expand their sales into other regions (VIC and NSW) with the supply of a more diverse range of moulded products.
    After many years of operating and supplying shape moulded parts, further equipment was acquired to produce large blocks of EPS and process them into building products, insulation panels, packaging components and 2D design shapes.

    Website: http://www.vallsgroup.com.au